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One day, it was perfect. The next day, it was over.
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trouble, trouble oh trouble.
trouble, trouble oh trouble.

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And right there where we stood was h o l y   g r o u n d .

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Heyy so here’s a cover of haunted :) i’m sorry i messed up some parts.. but i hope you like it anyway!

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Sometimes I wonder why we broke up like that. Why you thought this was the best for the both of us. Maybe it was a silly idea, maybe it was a leap of faith. But now, I'm thinking to myself, just how many more leaps it would take, until one of us realises that we can leap as many times as we want, but its never going to work until the both of us start catching one another.

There are so many questions that I asked myself, doubted myself. And no one can give me those answers, only I can. Urgh. This is so annoying. Why is life like this. 

RED music videos + Minimalists

I will wait for you because honestly I don’t want anyone else.
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